One of the duties of a physician according to Hippocrates is to pass on knowledge to other doctors – training therefore remains one of the responsibilities and privileges we accept as doctors.

One particular problem in Australia has been recruiting and retaining doctors in rural areas. To this end we have committed this practice to attract Australian trained doctors into the Logan Village area.

We have partnered with Bond & Griffiths Universities, and QMRE to train senior medical students and doctors on their way to be the GPs of the future.

Our training pathways will be accredited with the general practice colleges, RACGP and ACCRM, and produce doctors who wish to stay and make a long- term commitment to the area as we have.

In order to train we have to be accredited at a higher level. We also benefit by having the brightest young minds fresh with recent hospital experience, coming to advance their skills as rural GPs.


Starting in 2014 we have a succession of students joining us – we will always give you a choice as to whether you participate in training and you can freely decline without prejudice. The responsibility for treatment remains with the supervising doctor who will always be present and involved.