Travel Clinic

Travel Clinic

We are able to offer both advice and vaccination for your travel needs.Your risks on an overseas journey depend on several things:

  • WHERE you go is important – but the risks for someone visiting the cities will be quite different to the risks encountered visiting rural areas
  • WHAT you do while you are there is even more important e.g. the risk of someone lying on a deckchair is quite different to someone going out and eating on street stalls, bathing in local rivers, trekking, doing humanitarian work etc
  • YOUR OWN HEALTH HISTORY is also important – things like age, medications, allergies, pre-existing medical conditions can make a difference. Other things may also be relevant; Some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others
  • How careful you are at looking after yourself – some travellers want to take every precaution, other travellers don’t want to be too fussy

There’s an important difference between compulsory vaccines (ones you must have to get in and out of a country e.g. Yellow Fever) and recommended vaccines (Travel immunisations that are recommended for your own protection e.g. Hepatitis A).

International health regulations are set up to protect the locals NOT you the visitor. Even if nothing is compulsory, there may be things strongly recommended for your own health and safety.

What next and when to come in?

Complete the form below and submit it – we will get back to you with an idea of when you need to start your vaccinations.

How to keep travel costs down:

  • Keep good vaccine records – so you don’t have to repeat vaccines that you have forgotten. Repeating vaccines won’t do you medical harm, but is a waste of money. Its better if we don’t spend extra time guessing your vaccine history. Blood tests can determine some of your vaccine history but takes time.  We recommend you keep your vaccination book safely with your passport.
  • Bring the names of any medications you take regularly or occasionally. Some regular medications interact with travel medications. We’ll give you a letter to take with you on your travels.
  • Bring the brochure for any package tours you’re planning – then the doctor does not have to spend time looking up the internet to see where your tour is going to figure out things like which days you will be at malaria risk.
  • Come for your consultation early – if possible 8 weeks before departure. If you come late, you may need to pay for extra doses of vaccine if you require faster antibody development.
  • Ask about a travel pack with essentials for your journey

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