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Thought about having a Vasectomy?

Having a vasectomy

Have you thought life would be simpler if you did not have to worry about contraception and a little surprise in the form of that second blue line coming up?

Dr Julian holds a Bachelor of Surgery qualification as well as being a GP Fellow and has been performing vasectomies in the local area for several years, having worked with a large international vasectomy provider offering services in Australia. His own vasectomy was done by a colleague 18 years ago. He is also an experienced skin surgeon.

No scalpel? How can that be?

We open the skin without a scalpel and internal work is with heat sealing cautery so no cutting! This results in less bleeding and discomfort.

Vasectomy is very safe and long-term effects are extremely rare, however any surgical procedure carries risks. These should be discussed with you during your pre-procedure consultation with your doctor. A free consult or phone consult is offered to discuss any concerns.

With no change to your hormones, ejaculation or orgasm, there’s no reason why having a vasectomy should have a negative impact on your sex life.

In fact, many couples find vasectomy improves their sex life, enjoying greater sexual freedom once they no longer have the worry of an unplanned pregnancy. After your vasectomy, you can resume usual sexual activity whenever you feel comfortable

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  • Testicular pain or swelling


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